Dear Colleagues and Future Partners

Open joint-stock company “Polesyeelectromash” invites your cooperation!

Our enterprise was founded in 1975 and it is one of the leading producers of electric motors in Belarus Republic. A long period of development allowed us to create a large industrial enterprise, to concentrate intellectual potential, to prepare qualified personnel, to lay the foundation of technically advanced production process. In 2012 “Polesyeelectromash” became a member of “Belarusian metallurgical holding company”.

The enterprise manufactures: three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase asynchronous motors, special purpose motors, AIRCH-series (new!) motors for electric rail turnout point machines, household purpose cast iron electric hot plates, household centrifugal pumps, centrifugal submersible wastewater pumps, cast iron stoves and , non-ferrous castings.

2AIR80-100-series IE2-efficiency class asynchronous motors were designed. On the average the coefficient of efficiency of these motors is 5% higher than of those that are now serially produced. The introduction of energy efficient motors will provide: a reduction of energy consumption due to higher coefficient of efficiency, a reduction of energy consumption by reducing installed capacity required to operate the equipment with energy-efficient electric drive. (new!)

AIVR-series explosion-proof induction motors with an axis of rotation 80-90mm were designed and put into serial production. For the first time in Belarus explosion-proof motor is made in a cast iron housing which considerable increases its safety and reliability. The motors are designed to operate as electric drive for external and internal installations of dangerously explosive types of production of chemical, gas, oil refinery and others allied industries (new!).

Our technically advanced enterprise “Polesyeelectromash” enables us to manufacture products with modern technical features and high functionality. We guarantee quality, reliability, safety.

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